About Us

KnightGroup.OrgKnight Group  International (KGI) was founded as a Geo-Political and Geo-Economical advisory group in the year 2000, which resulted from the break up of its former worldwide operating structure. The name “Knight Group International” was adopted in 2000, when a number of the high ranking officers decided to continue their unit after the breakup of their former structure. The members of this unit were commonly referred to as “The Knights” and its head “The Knight”. Thus “Knight Group International” was chosen as a brand name. The Group was formerly not a group of companies in a traditional holding structure but rather a cooperative of autonomous members and entities, predominantly linked through their executives and shareholders. The expression “Group” was intended to reflect the common school of thoughts of its members, in observance of its ethical and moral principles.

The Group has been undergoing major restructuring and reorientation since 2007, and is in the process of reorganizing its operational activities based on its long term technological development of a global intelligent cloud based platform, enabling and accelerating the Knights‘ strategic and value based goals. As a testament to our commitment to assist humanity in shaping a better world based on modern global communal and social awareness propelled by new technologies, the Group uses its website domain name “KnightGroup.Org” synonymously for its global comunity.

KnightGroup.Org is not a commercially operating entity in its core, however has been adding more and more operational companies to its fold. KnightGroup.Org offers its members a variety of support resources based on its proprietary intelligent pan corporate Global Platform and network of members, as well as observant entities.

The core of the Group consists of highly experienced professionals from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, which include investment bankers, capital market experts, information technology experts, intelligence analysts, political analysts, economists and research units, currently operating on three continents and linked through a worldwide virtual platform. This has replaced the traditional HQ and satellite operations center principle, which was abandoned in the year 2000 due to rapid shifts in world policies, as well as to increase flexibility and efficiency. This way, entire teams could be dispatched to different parts of the world without any great costs or interruptions within the core of the Group. One of the most important aspects of the Group’s policy has been to maintain an invisible presence in a variety of industries through its global research and advisory units, assisting, guiding and coordinating global transactions for its members and associates.

The Group does not base its strategies and recommendations on any specific national, religious or institutionalized interest groups.

Membership to our organization is by invitation only.