Coaltrans Madrid

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Knight Group International Energy and Resources Division’s Debut at the 31st Coaltrans Conference in Madrid October 18-19th 2011 along with Albros Group and C. Christophel GmbH.  

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Knight Mining Solutions Provides One-Stop-Shop Solutions to Indonesian Miners

Expanding by teaming up with the best. From left to right: E. Kallmeyer (Sr. VP Cristophel), D. Ansari (CEO Knight Group Int'l), J. Alatas (Chairman Albros), F. Schaudinn (Director Knight Consulting Indonesia)

The latest Joint Venture operation of Albros and Knight Group is founded on the extensive experience and resources of both groups in the field of mining optimization and engineering. Teaming up with Christophel of Germany, Knight Mining Solutions will be providing solutions for mining as well as deliver custom made, modular, mobile as well as fixed equipment engineered in Germany. Knight Mining Solutions will be providing optimization solutions for existing mines as well as green field development support. Its services will range from advisory, engineering, quality and quantity controlling, operational and logistic management to turn key process handling contracting. Backed by Knight Group’s extensive proprietary IT and Technology Research and Development divisions, Knight Mining Solutions can offer automated and real time production, hauling and shipping data collection and forecasts across its cloud based Knight Global Platform, an Enterprise Class Intelligent Collaboration Platform.

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VoVo Research Launches IBM Bladecenter based Datacenter in Germany

IBM Blade Server Cluster

IBM Blade Server Cluster

Enhancing the existing IT and Server Clsuters capacity of the Group, VoVo Research SL is soon to launch its Frankfurt based Super Cluster Datacenter with all IBM Bladecenter Servers. The new Datacenter will be supporting cloud services for the Group and third party associates, and is expected to be online and in use by end of October 2011, upon successfully undergoing current test runs.

Further Datacenters are planned and being setup in Malaga – Spain, and Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia in support of its cloud based IT Platforms and Enterprise Class Collaboration and Management Systems.

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Jay Abdullah Alatas appointed President Commissioner of PT. Knight Consulting Indonesia

Jay Alatas, President Commissioner

Jay Alatas, President Commissioner

As a further move to solidify the cooperation and joint venture of Albros Group and Knight Group, Jay Abdullah Alatas has been appointed President Commissioner of PT. Knight Consulting Indonesia, Knight Group’s flagship operative entity in Indonesia,  effective October 7th, 2011. His experience both nationally and internationally in the resources and energy sector and executive background are sure to help propel the Group’s expansion and development in the Region and beyond, and assure appropriate oversight of the executive board of directors of PT. Knight Consulting Indonesia.

Jay Alatas is Chairman of PT Hikmah Albros, the Holding Company for the Albros Group, and has been Commissioner of PT. Bumi Resources Tbk. since 2001.  Jay’s former positions include being President Director of PT. Bakrie Inter Investindo and CEO of PT. Bumi Resources Tbk. He graduated from University of Virginia, USA.

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Knight Group International Relocates Its Holding to Labuan, Malaysia

Malaysia, Knight Group International's New HomeWithin the context of the Group restructuring, Knight Group International Holdings Corporation, located in Labuan – Malaysia, with offices in Kuala Lumpur, will take over the holding role for all Knight Group International Ventures and takeover the management responsibility of the Group.

The restructuring package also includes divestment from a series of ventures, allowing the Group to focus primarily on the energy and technology sector. PT Knight Consulting Indonesia, VoVo Research SL, Knight AB Resources Holdings Corp as well as PT. AK Energi are the first of many ventures coming under the umbrella of the new holding structure. Knight Funds and further Commercial Paper Conduit Ventures are planned for integration in the new structure as well.


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VoVo Research SL Takes Up Operations

VoVo ResearchVoVo Research SL is the newest addition to KnightGroup.Org’s Research companies. Founded and registered in south of Spain, in the beautiful province of Andalusia and headquartered in a modern interpretation of a Maurish- Andalusian style fort in Mijas with its research facilities being situated at Malaga PTA, the technological park of Malaga, VoVo is going to be the driving force behind Omega Nation.

VoVo has been founded after successful discussions with Agencia Ideas and the province of Andalusia and has been offered a special status and support as a research institute by the province of Andalusia. VoVo’s main area of activities will be the further development of IT systems and the Artificial Intelligence algorithms of Omega Nation, being the extension of KnightGroup’s Global Platform technology. VoVo is expected to start its operations by end of 2011.

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Knights Return To South East Asia

Knights Return To South East AsiaKnightGroup.Org proudly announces its return to South East Asia. After seven years of preparation and research and upon four years of operational absence, the Knights have resumed their operations in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Group is being represented by its PT Knight Consulting Indonesia and Knight AB Resources Holdings Corporation, supported by Knight Funds and VoVo Research SL. The Group’s focus in the region is on resource mining, energy industry, and related infrastructure projects.

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